Personalizing SMS messages. Should I care?

If you think that SMS messages should only be used to remind you of a meeting, you are wrong.

15% of the scheduled meetings end up not happening (depending on the service) due to forgetfulness. GnomGuru automatically sends information and reminders about a meeting at a given time. That is extremely important.

If your customers are of the one-of kind, and will accurately never return – it is recommendable to use this as a standard SMS reminder:

On the other hand, and you will agree with me for sure, it’s awesome to receive a nice, warm and personal SMS:

And this doesn’t end up as being only an automatic SMS. Remember that even if your services are not needed, Customer can and will recommend you to her friends!

Conclusion: personal SMS will help you boost your sales.

With minimal time and effort – GnomGuru will make everything automatically.

How to create a personalized SMS:

1. In Menu / Settings / Notifications / SMS Templates enable the option Use Handling.

2. Modify the templates as you wish.

3. Open the Client’s list (Menu / Clients). All customers that do not have (or could not be put) Handlings will be highlighted. Correct it.

When adding a new client request, it will be determined automatically. You can choose from the option, or edit it manually:

To use Personal Messaging, GnomGuru Assistant subscription is required.