Automatic customer greetings

We taught our Gnome to memorize important client dates and to remind them in order to send congratulations automatically!

Important dates for the Customer — an additional opportunity to make us being reminded again and to initiate talks for a new meeting.

EXAMPLE: An example of an automatic invitation for 7 days before a holiday: #Name#, congratulations on your upcoming Happy Birthday. I want to offer you a gift. Can we speak on one of these days?

You can send advance, automatic and personalized SMS invitations. Of course the most beloved and important persons are worth the cost of calling.

To start, define the Congratulations templates in Menu / Settings / Notifications / Templates Greetings. Edit or delete existing templates and add the ones you need for your personal goals.

It is advisable not to send the same congratulations’ messages every year. Change them annually so the clients won’t receive the same message over and over again. Change the text of all the congratulations’ messages easily. To do this, just change the template text.

The option Holiday means that the date in the Template has already been defined and cannot be changed. Use this option for standard events that are bound to a specific rigid date (New Year, March 8, Christmas, etc.)

In the template (and the congratulations), it will be determined whether to notify you about the event and/or to send an automatic SMS if necessary. Do not “round up” the time for the Congratulation SMS. Messages that are sent at round-up hours (ex. Exactly at 12:00) will look like automatically generated messages

Now add important dates for each client.

View a list of important dates, which can be checked on the main application window by clicking the More button

You can call the Client or send a SMS right away.

Of course, you can use this for personal reasons, too. In order to quickly and easily congratulate friends and relatives.

This feature is available for the «Assistant» plan