Accounting Services – It’s all about the profit.

The term Loss of Earnings is very much valid for those who do not keep records.

GnomGuru has 2 main objectives:

  1. Building long-term relationships with customers – to keep the flow of customers organized.
  2. Accounting Services, Materials and Products – to increase profits.

Many specialists have trouble understanding why should they spend time on detailed accounting. So we conducted a small survey among users, asking them to keep detailed records for 2 weeks.

Since the beginning of the accounting period, the average revenue per service increased to 8% (depending on the type of the activity). These values correspond to the services and materials that weren’t previously accounted (forgotten or considered insignificant). At the same time, customers have become much more loyal. They feel that everything is much more transparent.

If 8% looks like a small quantity, :
With monthly sales of 10 thousand dollars, lost profits correspond to 800 dollars PER MONTH!!

Go to Menu / Settings / Services and Sales

Depending on your business, determine on which areas do you need accounting.

To fully define a detailed Services List:

The cost and duration of each meeting will now be detected automatically. In every case, you can always adjust the data manually