Client entry in 3 touches. Getting started.

Take 10-15 minutes to configure the initial settings of the application and you will get your very own long dreamt magical tool!

With GnomGuru you can:

  • Quickly record customers
  • Remember all about the client before making a call
  • Send personalized SMS messages automatically
  • Keep records, analysis, and more.

Let’s start with the basics - setup an appointment.

3 touches to record the customer’s meeting (you can do it in two ways: during and after the call).

  • Touch 1: Choose a day for Vijay
  • Touch 2 (Press and Hold): Select the time
  • Touch 3: Select the duration of the meeting

As a result a Meetings was create and also:

  • Gnome defined a Name and SMS notification was sent: Natalie, we are going to meet on June, 15 июля at 13:00

  • Notification created: Hello Natalie. We have a meeting tomorrow, June 15 at 13:00

  • Also Gnome created a Notification which will be send 40 minutes after the meeting: Natalie! Thank you for your visit! Hope you see you soon!

What you need to do now:

  1. Setup SMS notifications. By default, SMS will be sent when you create an appointment. And SMS reminder will be sent 1 day before the meeting. You can change it in SMS Settings
  2. (you can do it later) Define your Working Time Schedule to find available time within a couple of seconds
  3. (you can do it later) If you do services setup a List of Services
  4. (you can do it later) You will need a List of Materials and Goods to track an expenditures.