Personalization of messages in Gnom.Guru

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Customers love to be cared for!

gnomguru_crm_messagesPersonalization of messages in Gnom.Guru

Automatic messages from banks, fitness centers and shops are accustomed. We often remove them without reading. But this does not mean that you should completely abandon automatic mailing in small business and spend hours to send each client a message made by you personally.  Marketing software for small business Gnom.Guru allows you to save time but keep the personal nature of the messages.

What to send

In our business management app you can set up sending automatic messages for any event – even congratulations on the cat's birthday. But contacts-schedule-tasks practice reveals following types of messages as most effective:

         confirmation of the meeting immediately after making appointment in calendar & online scheduling. It confirms the date and time of the visit in CRM software to ensure your encompassing ERP/Financials;

         reminder of the meeting a few hours before it starts;

         notification of time change or cancellation of meeting;

         thanks after meeting;

         congratulations on a holiday. Small business CRM Gnom.Guru already has a basic set of events for your customers, but you can complement it in customer tracking software.

You can set a special text for each event in business management software. Try to make it warm and unconventional – as if you write to a good friend.

How to send

For sales automation small business CRM allows you to select the appropriate channels for sending messages. They can be SMS, emails or notifications via popular messengers such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram or Viber. CRM and ecommerce system Gnom.Guru you can disable or enable channels you need. Customers will surely appreciate receiving information in convenient way. To make your customer management more personal we have provided the option of automatic set the name. It is taken from the customer card in scheduling app so be careful when filling it out.

When to send

In one unified business management suite you can configure automatic sending for all types of messages in contact management. For example, time change message will be sent if you make changes to online scheduling. A reminder of the meeting will be sent for a day or other period before the visit. If you want to send some kind of messages only to certain clients, disable marketing automation for sending and send them manually. Gnom.Guru also took care of your clients' personal time. You can set a certain interval for sending messages – for example from 9 am to 7 pm.

Use Gnom.Guru for personal connection with each your customer!

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