How to organize your time when you work at home

How to organize your time when you work at home

Work at home with pleasure!


How to organize your time when you work at home

If you're starting to work at home you've probably noticed how difficult it is to plan your time. But even experienced home workers sometimes find it difficult too. First it seems that you still have a whole day for everything: you think there is enough time to cook dinner and drink a cup of coffee and work. But soon you see the dusk outside your window although the work has not yet begun. What can you do? Give up coffee? Or maybe get up at five in the morning? There is a simpler solution!

Gnom.Guru comes to the rescue

Usually the most difficult is not to do the job but to plan your time properly. Entrust this task to a specialist! Small Business CRM Gnom.Guru helps you to find solution in a few simple steps:

·         make a list of works to do in specific period of time – such as a day or a week;

·         estimate the number of hours for each task;

·         think about how many hours a day you can devote to work and when you work most productively;

·         assign tasks in the Scheduling app;

·         take a critical look at the result of your customer management in terms of contacts-schedule-tasks and try to make it more efficient. For instance you may fill in inconvenient gaps in your Calendar & Online Scheduling or move some tasks from the busiest day to another.

Ceratinly you can do all this in your notepad. But we strongly recommend you to try the capabilities of contact management and sales automation in business management app. You will soon appreciate its convenience for marketing automation. Intuitive online scheduling allows you to have enough time for work and home affairs. But that's not all…

Your personal assistant

Gnom.Guru is not only a working calendar. This is one unified business management suite that can make all the routine daily work. Small business CRM provides simple and efficient communication with your clients:

·         easy and quick online scheduling in customer tracking software;

·         reminders of the upcoming meeting;

·         automatic messages with gratitude for the visit;

·         business management software for storage of all customer information for future work.

Now you don’t need to waste your time for these routine operations and worry about missing something. Marketing Software for Small Business never forgets its duties. So you can spend more resources for your main business – and earn more. That’s because you don’t work at home alone: you have a personal assistant!

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