Business-promoting actions for increase sales

Business-promoting actions

Carrots or stick? Of course, carrots and more!

Business-promoting actions

Surprising the public

The key rule in small business is a permanent dealing with clients. It’s not enough to win a customer’s respect and then rest on one’s laurels because people tend to lose interest very quickly. So, not to be forgotten and proceed to aspire for sales increase you have to be ready for constant but gripping job.

We mean actions, of course – time-limited situations for attracting buyers. They can be different as everything here depends on your financial state and imagination. Today GnomGuru CRM app wants to share with you some useful information on this topic.


To put it simple, they are regular price decreases for certain products. The biggest ones (around 70%) are called liquidation and usually announce the closing. However, there are other types:

1. Seasonal.

Consequently, these are artificial falls of prices relating to a particular season. For example, stationery shops revel in August-September because of the school preparations. As a result, various student books, notebooks, pens and stuff cost a lot less than usual. Speaking about services sphere, consider the beach mumbo-jumbo for women – all procedures become cheaper in that period.

2. Sum limits.

An illustration: you have bought a week’s amount of food in a supermarket and received a considerable deduction. This is how we all are motivated to buy more. Use your CRM system app to plan such a strategy for your organization.

3. “Jubilee”.

A great method as it is connected with holiday atmosphere. It can be a birthday of the firm, its owner or a guest, which is a specially clever tip. Feel free to experiment with your mobile CRM system to work out every detail.

Business-promoting actions


The safest way is to give a present with a purchase. That is effective because freebie is still a religion for most. Try to offer your audience, say, a head massage as a bonus to a haircut – you’ll be amazed by the demand growth! [What is event-marketing and how to make it work for your salon]

Besides, you can also manage

 - 1st visit reductions – strong motivation for potential visitors;

 - 2 for 1 – marketers do it because of the “store for the future” instinct. For instance, hairdressers are always successful with care + styling options.

Anyway, remember about this important moment as it guarantees your popularity and professional development. The variety of such events will make your company attractive and reliable. To achieve success, download service GnomGuru – a faithful helper for each entrepreneur, aspiring and mature. With it you can get rid of all the annoying routines and automatize main processes. Several clicks – and your materials account, contact management and notifications sending are done!

Leave monotony to GnomGuru app and develop your enterprise with pleasure!

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