Conversation scripts for beauty salons

Scripts for beauty salons. GnomGuru will help you in communicating with your customers

GnomGuru will help you in communicating with your customers, if necessary, of course!

scripts for beauty salons from GnomGuru

What’s a script and why do you need it

Decrease in customers is a nightmare for every beauty salon owner but still many of them cause this themselves by talking inattentively and even rudely. To attract a client you need to press particular «psychological buttons» so that the person would listen to you and buy your product. Everyone aspires to this but some people ignore the main instrument for holding the client and achieving sales increase – the script.

A script here is an algorithm of talking to your potential or active customer. Using a set of lines you program the customer to buy your service/product and come to your salon again. This business talk algorithm is essential for every small business owner, especially in the beauty industry. However, it is important to prepare a particular script so GnomGuru app offers you several tips on how to do it successfully.


You start with “Good afternoon!”, introduce yourself (salon name, your position and name) to show your readiness to collaborate and cultured approach.

Then everything depends on who is making the call – you or the client. If it’s the client you say “We are glad that you’ve chosen our salon!” Then you clarify the aim of their call, try to give as detailed an answer as possible or create an appointment.

Do not forget to ask the name if the client is new to you (“How can I address you?”) and repeat it – very important! You should show polite interest and good manners. Client data can be added to your mobile CRM system to the Client Card.

Working with client request\Offering a service

If this is the client’s first inquiry you need to clarify where did they find out about your salon – this will create the publicity impression.

Variant 1 – the client calls you.

In this case, you give the customer all the information they need. Note that the service prices should be given ranging from minimum to maximum! You can control and keep track of product and material prices in your CRM system app – even when you’re not in the office!

Variant 2 – you call the client.

You offer the new product or service. Here’s where you need to stress its importance and future benefits to the client: “We are offering a new service now which can be of particular interest to you” – name the product\service – “it gives\after it (name the result)”.

Working with refusals

The main point is to stress the product’s advantages and unique status without pressing the client. For instance, “Of course, this perm is not cheap but we use the highest quality products in our salon. Your hair will not get thin as after the standard perm but maintain shine and strength”.

 You will find additional information on this topic here

scripts for beauty salons from GnomGuru

End of call and saying goodbye

Finishing the call you clarify the data (if the appointment is made – repeat the date, time, procedure and master’s name). Then you say, “Thanks for you your time, good bye!”

The main things in contact management are sincerity and politeness. Try to keep the right balance – be interested but not nagging or annoying and CRM system GnomGuru will take care that you don’t forget about your appointments!

Enjoy your job because GnomGuru assistant guarantees your comfort!


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