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vCard.is - your digital business card

Let me introduce

So, you have started developing your small business. There is a plan, expenses account, equipment, circle of clients even. You organize first appointments, and make work acquaintances, and then notice something strange – people sort of disappear, forget about you … Why so? Precisely because of memory! You have missed out the key aspect of first consultations. We are speaking about business cards, which contain the owner’s data.  Thanks to them you will be contacted later.

You’d say this is expensive as you have to think about decorations, spend money on printing, besides, such things can easily be lost. That’s why we have worked out a side project mentioned above. This innovation will help to solve all problems concerning sharing info, so GnomGuru app will tell you about this in details.

What is it?

It is a virtual mini-profile of your firm with coordinates (for an interested customer to find you). All is just the same as in the usual way but online. [vCard.is – future technologies now!]

What are the advantages?

Firstly, no spending on the issuance because you do not have to print anything or consult a designer.

Secondly, it’s very fast – simply fill in the form on our site. Of course, you won’t be waiting long! And if you are a mobile CRM system user, you can prepare this document outside home.

Thirdly, why go anywhere to pass one another contact information? Your partner can issue a similar item and send it to you via the Internet.

Fourthly, any design is possible as there is a special builder for your fantasy to take wing! Experiment with the templates as much as you want and choose the right variant. However, do not turn the procedure into a village fair and follow the rules of aesthetics. The result should look stylish, laconic, and prim. Most try to present the unforgettable object but really frighten away the audience with lots of colors and fonts.

 How much is it?

 Actually, it’s a free business card! You receive numerous possibilities – a unique email sign, website widget and QR-code for your ads – without any payment! Moreover, it’s quite convenient to use via a CRM system app through a laptop or smartphone.

vCard.is - your digital business card

How is it done?

 A piece of cake! You

 - register on the webpage;

 - post the link in social nets;

 - await for a response!

This electronic business card is extremely helpful because it’s quick to create and effective to promote. What is more, such an introduction is very persuasive and to-the-point. You will save time and budget, impressing everyone! Plus consider sales increase and growth of your enterprise. Intriguing, right?

All you need is to get your digital b-card ready and control it through the service GnomGuru – a multipurpose assistant! With it you will automatize the monotonous chores and routines.

For example, you can perform contact management, costs accounting and analysis in three clicks.

Entrust your organization to GnomGuru app and look forward to 100% development!

 If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer you!

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