Tarifs and Functions

Data synch & recovery

All the Data is copied to Microsoft Azure synch between Devices. And also for fast and secure recovery in case you change Devices.

Meetings Schedule

Info for every Meeting is always available, including Photos.

Standard SMS Reminders

Only default SMS templates. No changes allowed.

Customizable SMS Reminders

Customizable SMS templates which can contain Name, StartTime, EndTime. Also can setup SMS after an Event (such as extra recommendations or special thanks)

Info about customer on Call Screen

Date of next/previous Meeting, used Services, birthdays and comments before you take the call.

Records of Income and Outcome

Keep records and create appropriate Reports for any time period

Services, Materials and Commodities

Automatic price definition. Notifications about required purchases.

Personal Web Booking Page

Customers can make booking via Web. All you need is to confirm or cancel an order.

Several Customers for one Appointment

For those who work with groups of customers

Record Phone Calls

Now you can listen a record and go over the call details again. This function highly depends on Device hardware so it can be limited. Record files are stored on the Device only. They are not a subject of synch.

Customer Balance

Financial balance for customer. For those who use prepayments. Turn this option On in app's Settings.

Congratulate Customers

Notifications about Customer's special dates and automatic Congratulation Text Messages.


Information about scheduled Meetings and Tasks on Phone\'s desktop.

Several simultaneous Appointments

For those how have several workplaces / workers

One account for several users

For joint use of specialists who share a work place and customers