Quarantine: time to master the CRM Software

Long weekend: time to master CRM

Quarantine is not only a restriction, but also a new capacity! Spend the time you have freed up to master the technology that will take your business to the next level.

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Quarantine: time to master the CRM Software

The complex situation caused by the coronavirus forces small business owners to make extraordinary decisions. Someone is expanding the list of services provided online, someone is introducing delivery of their goods, and someone is thinking about a long-term development strategy. If you belong to the latter category, it's time to consider implementing a customer tracking software!

Why do you need a small business CRM?

A small business usually starts when its owner finds a vacant niche and offers customers a product or service that is beginning to be in demand. At this stage the entrepreneur has to do many contacts-schedule-tasks things himself. He conducts accounting, communicates with customers, provides services or stands behind the counter etc.

When sales increase it becomes more difficult to combine contact management tasks and other functions. But sometimes at this moment the profit is still not enough to you to think about hiring an additional employee. What can you do? Continue to work from dawn to dawn or suspend business development just because there are not enough funds? Or maybe take a loan?

The developers of Gnom.Guru small business CRM have the better solution! Just install our one unified business management suite that can perform a significant part of your daily tasks and save you a lot of time. Furthermore its small cost is even less than the minimum wage in the market!

What can the scheduling app do?

Now let's figure out exactly what questions you can assign to your business management software. Gnom.Guru can:

·         automatically send any messages to clients such as birthday greetings , webinar announcements or new promotions;

·         maintain your calendar & online scheduling for  planning your timetable for many months ahead;

·         organize group events, such as online lectures or workshops;

·         maintain a booking page for online scheduling of your clients;

·         maintain a complete customer database with all necessary information about each of them;

·         integrate with Google Calendar and Evernote to save your notes and plans in a convenient format;

·         restore information if your phone is replaced or lost;

·         and much more!

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When you don’t need to do all these things manually, your work becomes much easier! Now business is increasingly switching to online mode. It is the right time to master the capacities provided by new technologies!

Keep up with the times and grow your business together with Gnom.Guru!

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer you!

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