Gnom.Guru scheduling app: work at home is easy!

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Are you trying to figure out how to switch your business to the home mode? Check out the features of Gnom.Guru CRM Software!

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Gnom.Guru scheduling app: work at home is easy!

There is probably nobody on the Earth who is not affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Authorities have already recommended the home work  for everybody. But this change causes difficulties for many small business owners. The team of Gnom.Guru small business CRM knows how to make this work easier and more effective!

Stay in touch

One of the main problems for small business owners in this situation is the loss of established relationships with customers. Contacts that have been built for many months or even years are now under threat. But not for users of Gnom.Guru business management app! It allows you to set up an automatic system for sending messages to all your clients so they will always feel your support and attention. You only need to spend a few minutes once to select the desired message templates in the customer tracking system, for example:

         holiday and birthday greetings;

         reminders on the status of the bonus balance;

         reminders of scheduled events and meetings;

         information about upcoming promotions and discounts.

You can use built-in templates to send these messages. They are located in the Settings / Notifications / Basic message templates section. If you want to make your own text use the Custom notification templates option.

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Work online

The need to minimize the number of face-to-face contacts is a great reason to spend time developing the online components of your business. When isolated at home people will spend much time for learning. And you can take advantage of this! Develop an online lesson in your specialty or conduct a webinar for your clients. Gnom.Guru small business CRM can help you organize it. You only need to take three simple steps to make your customers able to book an event online:

         create an online booking page in Settings / Online booking / Create page;

         enable the Services for client groups in Settings / Online booking section;

         create the appropriate service in Settings / Products and services / List of services. Enable the Group service slider at service’s card and mark the maximum number of participants.

Now you can create an event with this service, providing yourself with clients for the entire period of quarantine! This direction of your business can still be very important for you even after its finish.

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Be flexible and develop your business in any conditions – Gnom.Guru customer tracking software will help you with this!

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer you!

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