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Services for scheduling and contact management

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Services for scheduling and contact management

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Every small business owner knows that the main thing in a working process is correct time-management. Without it, everything will turn to chaos and your degree of effectiveness will decrease. Besides, we all have our own biorhythms, which must be followed. It means that a particular type of action will be especially fruitful if performed in a certain period of day. Consequently, to freely float in your timetable and achieve sales increase you should use an orientation and notification tool. What is it, actually?

Services for scheduling and contact management

Here we speak about sites or programs through which you can make changes in your schedule and create appointments. It’s very convenient because a customer instantly sees when you are available, say, for a consultation. Still, not each resource is suitable and some are even dangerous for users. To avoid such problems, meet the trio of the best online-services GnomGuru CRM app has prepared for you. [CRM: high-speed collaboration]

1. PoZapisi

The easiest way to appoint a meeting with a wide range of specialists from a dentist to photographer. Moreover, after dealing with an unscrupulous buyer you can blacklist them and become insured against further speculations. In addition, the procedure of cancelling the visit is fully regulated so that both sides are protected from suffering losses. Prepay is done via Yandex.Money. If you are an aesthete, the plain design can repel you but remember that it does not influence functionality. However, there are disadvantages like the absence of a mobile CRM system – the app. In addition, not everyone can be granted the free version though it’s quite predictable from the beginning.

2. GnomGuru

The indispensable variant is GnomGuru CRM system, which will be your unique assistant and will optimize your whole company. For example, you can set up automatic notifications using this software. No more ludicrous typing! Your clients can sign up online in two clicks, so everyone wins. Moreover, this business system is necessary for statistics – you will receive weekly reports on costs and income.  It can take on all monotonous responsibilities so that you could turn to promotion and creative tasks. No conveyor moments will bother you anymore because your Gnom will care about them. Thanks to its reliability, you will always be informed about your daily chores without getting lost in the calendar. Besides, you can change your list of visitors, as you want. Activate black list, additional contacts or mark waiting subjects. Speaking about the schedule, you are able transform it to feel more comfortable.

3. Moi Kabinet

A notably useful pipeline application with two regimes: a complete one, which needs payment, and a simple one for which you don't have to pay. You can install it on your smartphone and enjoy all necessary options like notifications, contact account, statistics, etc. There is a “Come with a Friend” bonus – you receive interest rates for each newcomer. Unfortunately, there is a minus too – you cannot get wages through it.

4. Moiprofi

This service is exceptional in its beauty and convenience plus there is a wide range of functions. It lives a full life in social nets and has a stylish interface. Another great advantage – you can post your portfolio there so that your customers could check your skills and experience right away. There is a Moiprofi app, which is also cool. Unfortunately, this service is oriented only on beauty sphere and the tech support is not attentive enough.

5. YClients

For most demanding guests: a CRM system app, which has it all. In it, you can monitor an amount and inflow of clientele, make calls or send automatic messages. Weekly analysis is available as are a salary calculator, financial or inventory control. More than that, you can order a personal software that will be worked out for you individually after the extra-payment. Of course, big companies or those who can afford it usually buy it.

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