Cold calls

Checkmate! Use calls to “wake up” clients

We tell how to return old "forgotten" customers

Returning customers using the GnomGuru customer record application

They will be back.

Some small business owners think that after having found their audience they may rest on laurels. That is a huge mistake. Actually, after a time clients start forgetting about you, in other words, “go to sleep”. If you don’t monitor the situation and try to change it, you can forget about sales increase and successful enterprise.

Never leave potential buyers alone for long. Nowadays the best way to be remembered is proceeding with cold calls (the nightmare of all managers). This is truly a very nervous process because there is hardly anyone wanting to speak with you in this way. So, how do we become more prominent and promote our services? Let’s look at GnomGuru CRM app’s tips on proper phone talks of this type.

1. Arm yourself with data.

To begin with, collect all possible info about the customer. Your pipeline application should store the right collaboration history. Use these facts to find out the person’s needs and preferences.

2.  Be prepared psychologically.

Just imagine: you are working on a particular problem and here is someone calling and offering stuff. Annoying, right? Chances are, you wouldn’t want to chat or buy anything. This is why an entrepreneur should be morally ready for negativity. To feel more confident, look through call scripts and use a fragment in your speech but do not overact. [Phone conversation with a client: dialogue scripts]

3. Be considerate.

We are talking about a civilised conversation and not some village fair, so behave in a civilized way, without pushing your firm to the interlocutor. Being too forward always frightens people away. Instead, concentrate on attracting him\her with your description. Use facts from your CRM system app as a support. And ask about how useful the commodity can be for them – a crucial moment!

4. Work with objections.

If a customer sounds unwilling to you now, it may not be a refusal. Another, more convenient date may be arranged for the call. Carefully note it down in your mobile CRM system and set up the alarm. Also, you can ask questions like «Are you completely satisfied with the current service?”. This may inspire thoughts to work especially with you.

Returning customers using the GnomGuru customer record application

It is important to keep in touch with your visitors as mentioned. This way you will surely be memorized to later build trustworthy relationships on that. Our СRM system GnomGuru will bring communication on a new level. Moreover, with it you will be able to optimize accounting, contact management, notifications and other aspects.

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