Mobile CRM system for small business

How to choose CRM for small businesses: what is more important for businessmen?

Choosing a CRM system for your small business

CRM система для малого бизнеса ГномГуру

One click and done!

The main problem of every entrepreneur is to coordinate every work aspect because in running a small business one mistake is enough to spoil the plan. What to do if there is no time for monitoring finances, client flow and such things? Hire a special guy? That is expensive and not very reliable. So, it is far easier to use a CRM system app which is a multi-purpose program to blow your mind away with its simplicity. It is meant to make everything you did before a piece of cake.

Maybe, someone will think this idea suspicious but do not be in a hurry to deny this pipeline application. Many firms have already appreciated its convenience and reliability. For example, its users enjoy such options as Costs/Income Display, Materials Account, automatic SMS and email notifications, etc. Still, you have to choose this software correctly – let it answer your demands and be easy to use. To avoid confusion, CRM system GnomGuru will help you figure out the features of an assistant program. [10 facts about GnomGuru]

Necessary characteristics

1. Functionality.

We are looking for a versatile helper, right? It should be able to

 - store collaboration history;

 - take on contact management and schedule control;

 - count materials, costs, and income;

 - analyze your results;

 - send alerts (SMS, email).

Moreover, GnomGuru can do a lot more stuff like calling customer preview and show their balance, create group meetings and so on.

2. Integration.

For instance, GnomGuru will quickly become friends with Google Calendar or Evernote, so that you could have the full package.

3. Safety.

Your mobile CRM system must protect the data from bugs and be available offline. In case you lose your smartphone GnomGuru could be accessed from another gadget.

4. Attractive price.

GnomGuru knows that entrepreneurs do not like to overpay for their software so our tariffs remain comfortable:

Calendar – $4;

Business – $7;

Premium – $12.

CRM система для малого бизнеса ГномГуру

From this choice depends how effectively you will manage your company and how early you will achieve sales increase and expansion. So pick up carefully. With GnomGuru app you won’t have to worry about trifles and waste time on routine actions.

Be prosperous wuth GnomGuru! 

  If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer you!

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