Event-marketing for small business

What is event-marketing and how to make it work for your salon?

What is Event-Marketing and why do you need to use it?

event-marketing for small businesses from GnomGuru

Entertainment time

Everyone misses holiday atmosphere among grey daily routine and monotonous chores. Moreover, celebration should be spontaneous: Surprise! Unfortunately, many small business owners still concentrate on the service itself. After that, they, of course, wonder why in the world no one cares a bit.

Wise entreptreneurs know that to achieve a sales increase you need to bring social life into your job that is, hold parties and stuff. Carry out regular activities and you’ll gain fresh visitors and keep the old ones. Actually, GnomGuru CRM app’ wants to share advice on this topic:

1. Open your spot with style.

Winning attention is a first thing to do, so be chic. You can decorate the entrance with balloons, order a stylish sign, think about right colors. Forget entertainers and loud music; it is better to invest in outdoor ads (from flyers to banners) and workshops. Use your mobile CRM system to analyze the costs. [Do we need CRM’s?]

2. Advertise correctly.

To interest people act impressive, but not nagging or annoying. Simpler, be precise. For example, organize a presentation or, if it’s a line or series, an exhibition (2-3 days) The key moment is to inspire but in a businesslike way. Prepare stands, a projector, notepads, stickers, and pens for your guests.

3. Get a crowd.

To brighten up the working days, attract more clients and motivate your staff with different meetings. Add your company’s features to:

 - a workshop;

 - a theme party;

 - quizzes and contests;

 - corporate events.

event-marketing for small businesses from GnomGuru

With the help of proper event marketing, your salon can become a popular brand and receive devoted customers. To have everything ready you want a reliable CRM system app which can optimize contact management and analytics. These and numerous other functions are developed in GnomGuru app for your convenience.

Entrust your business to CRM system GnomGuru and enjoy productive work!

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