Messages after the Event


Messages after the Event
Can I customize GnomGuru so that it sends a “thanks” message after a meeting with a client?

Of course. Messages sent after the event can be sent automatically or semi-automatically

Automatic sending:

In Menu / Settings / Notifications , default reminders, add reminder, set the desired time (eg. “After 2 hours from the end”) and define the text (for example, “#Name#, I hope you enjoyed it.I would be happy to see you next month “)

From then on, when you create an appointment, a reminder is automatically set up when you add a member to the meeting/task

Semi-automatic sending:

At the end of the event (put a “tick” on the event block, which means “Action Completed”), a button appears to send a message regarding the completion. With this, you can send a message easily that has already been formed

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