Gnom.Guru: individual settings of scheduling app

Display Customization: Individual Customization

We introduce the customization features of our application. GnomGuru is capable of much!


Gnom.Guru: individual settings of scheduling app

Let's be honest: the main task of any CRM and ecommerce system is to increase sales. But it is much more comfortable to work with your business management app if you can customize it for yourself. In Gnom.Guru we know it better than anyone else.  That’s why we have provided wide opportunities to customize their small business CRM for our users.

All colors of the rainbow

Let's start with the simplest thing, i.e. color scheme used in our business management software. By default white fields indicate free time available for online recording and light gray ones indicate your personal time. If you are fan of more contrasting solutions in CRM software you can use "Dark background" option in the calendar display settings. It allows you to clearly see the difference between work and personal time. The time designated for meetings in your customer management is usually marked with dark green. But for your calendar & online scheduling you can choose any one you like from thirty shades. You can also set special colors for canceled and completed meetings or online scheduling.

Individual template

Making an appointment in small business CRM you fill out a card that contains contacts-schedule-tasks information about this event. Especially important info can be put directly into the main schedule. By default it displays only the title of the work – for example styling or curling. In the settings of contact management you can specify the output of additional information in one unified business management suite. It can be encompassing ERP/Financials, customer address etc. Totally you can schedule nine key parameters. You’re also able to choose the order of their display.

Additional settings

Marketing Software for Small Business Gnom.Guru is designed to give you necessary information at a glance. Marketing automation is especially important when you need to quickly navigate when you can make an appointment. In our customer tracking software there are some useful tips in the schedule of daily format. Top line next to the date shows the number of meetings for each day of the current week. If this number is green you still have available time for meeting this day. If it is red the day is completely busy.

Another difficult task for sales automation is to find a large enough gap to make an appointment for a complex and long procedure such as a wedding hairstyle. We have a solution for this situation! In the calendar display you should select the option "Show the largest available time slot". It displays the largest period of free time on a particular day right next to the date. Its duration calculates automatically on the base of you schedule.

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