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Tips for managing your team

Tips for effectively managing your team

Staff managementEmployee management with Scheduling app

Your services are in demand, the number of orders is constantly growing and now you are not just an individual master but an employer. When you thought about this decision it seemed that you only need to choose qualified employees and continue to work in the same mode. But now it is clear that you got one more task besides your usual duties. It is control of your employees which is unlikely to be effective without Small Business CRM. An important point to use its capabilities in full is to immediately discuss with employees that all contacts-schedule-tasks and other actions have to be fixed in One unified business management suite. It applies to all things done by your workers and customers without any exception such as Online Scheduling, services, incoming and outgoing calls etc. Only a complete view of the work allows you to analyze the situation in customer management correctly. Otherwise you will constantly hear something like "I called him but didn’t fix in CRM Software ", "The client did not warn about being late so I left" and so on.

Control of contact management

There are many different ways to contact with customers such as social networks, messengers, SMS and calls. It is quite easy to control most of them. You only need to have a corporate account for access to correspondence, Calendar & Online Scheduling. In Business Management Software Gnom.Guru you also can set up notifications with individual text for certain events: for example to confirm a meeting, to remind about an appointment etc. Call control is a more difficult task. Their duration can be tracked automatically but the content should be checked by employee records. So give them a short form of call accounting in small business CRM which includes at least two fields: goal and result. It can be supplemented with additional sections if necessary. This allows you to understand whether your workers solve the tasks during telephone communication and how they communicate with customers. If you use scripts for Sales Automation check their compliance by calls record which is also available in Gnom.Guru Business Management App.

Service quality control

The main goal of your customers is the service and your task is to ensure its stable quality. Due to customer tracking software you can control the workload of masters. Client cards in Marketing Software for Small Business allow you to control the preparation for the meeting.
If you have any doubts about the quantity of necessary materials you can always check it in person. Another important control tool is who have used services of the specialist. Set up automatic messages with a request to evaluate his work at the end of the meeting and you will receive first-hand information. Do not forget to understand the situation if the client is not satisfied to avoid such cases in the future. For the long term Marketing Automation you can analyze the number of  revisits to concrete specialist. Real pro always has queue to him.

KPI system

The above methods of control are the basic ways to maintain the reputation of the salon. But if you are actively expanding and would like to to long term and high quality work try to create a KPI system for them. It is set of key parameters for the overall assessment of the specialist's work. It often includes the following indicators:

·         average amount per visit to estimate encompassing ERP/Financials;

·         number of revisits during the period;

·         customer feedback for work of the specialist.

You can supplement this system with your own indicators for your activity. CRM and ecommerce system Gnom.Guru allows you to easily calculate the totals for a month or another period. Use Gnom.Guru to achieve maximum of your business!

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