Myths about online recording

5 myths about online client record

The GnomGuru team will dispel your doubts about the myths of online customer records!

myths about online customer records from GnomGuru

Saving time with CRM

Many people turn suspicious about progress and new technologies – “new”  always meaning danger for them. That’s why online record for customers still breeds certain conjectures and fears. However, look closely: clients create appointments themselves using their mobile CRM systems, no calls needed! Isn’t it convenient? 

All pipeline applications work like that – the client chooses time, procedure and the master they need in the app, clicks several times – done! Convenient for both clients and small business owners. Moreover, most fears concerning technical problems are false.

In this article especially for you GnomGuru app deals with 4 main myths concerning online client record.

Myth №1. Online client record is difficult!

The main customer mistake usually sounds something like this: “Too complicated, I’d better call”. Actually, online client record takes a lot less time than a traditional phone call and arranging an appointment. Moreover, it’s not as risky – the administrator or master may overhear your words during a call. There is no such problem concerning online arrangement.

Myth №2.  You can miss the client’s appointment.

No, you can’t! The CRM system app sends SMS and email notifications with data concerning the new appointment. For instance, you will receive something like “Anna, haircut, 4 pm, Friday” several times before your meeting

Myth №3. You can’t control your record hours.

Actually, you can control your timetable, highlight free hours or cross out busy ones. The client has only to choose from your free hours and create an appointment. Note that you will receive record notification so that you could correct particular hours for a particular client.

Myth №4. You can’t control the client flow.

First, you can limit the circle of your clients  so that only those you’ve chosen could create appointments and receive notifications (SMS, email). Second, if there are any indecent clients, you can blacklist them and they won’t be able to contact you online.

Myth №5. The clients will have to download the app.

This is not necessary – you can post your online filling form on your webpage and send the link to your clients. If you want an easier way, you can just post the link in your social net profile so that the clients could go to the page needed and create appointments without downloading the app. A piece of cake, right?

 myths about online customer records from GnomGuru

As you see, online client record allows you and your customers to avoid many inconveniences and work more effectively. For this you only have to use CRM system GnomGuru with its  recording, accounting, sending notifications and many other contact management functions.

Save your and your clients’ time with GnomGuru – create appointments and achieve sales increase with several clicks!


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