Phone conversation with a client

Phone conversation with a client: dialogue scripts

GnomGuru team is always thinking about their users, so we have come up with scripts of conversations with customers, to make it easier to develop your business.

scripts for talking with customers GnomGuru

Why do you need a conversation script?

In personal life, our phone conversations are quite relaxed: we don’t analyze our words but act intuitively. It looks like what we talk about depends on the interlocutor because we do not talk with our moms or friends in the same way, right? Still, the conversation does take the same course as we greet the person on the phone, ask how do they do, and then share our news. After that, some questions or requests may go; saying goodbye is the last one. So, it turns out even in such casual conversations we do follow a certain pattern though we don’t realize it!

Speaking about business phone conversations, things are far more complex because the client is usually not in the mood for chatting or is in a hurry. One psychologically inaccurate sentence or an annoying intonation can push away them in a second. Therefore, how should we do business phone talk to get clients trust us and successfully present our product/service?

scripts for talking with customers GnomGuru

There are two variants on which GnomGuru could advise you:

The client already knows you

Lucky you! It means the client has already bought something from you before or inquired about your business. In this case, you need only to remind them about yourself and present the new product.

 First, you greet the client (Hello/Good afternoon, depending on the situation) and don’t forget to introduce yourself. You never know if a person remembers you or not. Then you inquire if the client can talk now – that’s critical! Many people forget about this and lose clients because such a question shows your respect for the person.

The next step is reminding the customer they have recently bought your product or service ( “You came for your haircut last Thursday”) and telling about your new product. It is high-class and is quite necessary for your client, etc, etc. If the person refuses, try to convince them in the absolute necessity of this product. However, don’t be too eager – nobody buys anything from a person weighing down on others or actually begging. It can not be stressed enough how important the right balance and careful speech are.

Last, you thank client for their time and say goodbye.

 This is your first conversation with the client

More complex – not only must you convince the client to buy the stuff, but also create a good impression right from the beginning and keep the dialogue going.

After the greeting and introduction (speak in a friendly tone but don’t fuss) you also find out if this person can spare their time for you. Then you clarify the customer’s needs using “Does this sound familiar to you: …”, “Would you like to solve this problem …” It’s crucial not to overact or underact – try to show maximum attention but be sincere! A light smile always helps because it colors your voice beautifully so your customer is surely hooked!

Later you offer your service or product and, in case of refusal, ask about its reason (still very carefully!). Try to deal with the client’s problem. After that you thank the person for their time and say goodbye.

If the client is interested – congratulations! You can clarify all the information you need and show or create profile in the contact management application GnomGuru right away. 

Use pipeline application GnomGuru and master phone talks with clients!

 If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer you!

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