Integration possibilities: Gnom.Guru and Evernote

Sync with Evernote

Evernote is a convenient tool for storing notes and media files. Make it even more effective by tying to your Gnom.Guru CRM Software!

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Integration possibilities: Gnom.Guru and Evernote

Business management software is a convenient tool for quick navigation in your contacts-schedule-tasks space. So it is not a good idea to load it with too much detailed information. It will only make it difficult to work with customer management. But you need a place to store working materials! And it should be associated with your current tasks. How to solve this problem? Integrate your mobile Gnom.Guru CRM system with Evernote data storage service!

What to integrate

There is no need to explain the benefits of this tool for those who already use Evernote. Those who do not yet use it in their work should take note of it. It is really one of the most convenient for storing your notes, sketches and media files – for example, photos or mp3. Another important advantage of Evernote is the ability to be fully synchronized with the Gnom.Guru small business CRM. Together they are a truly effective set for marketing automation that is able to solve almost any everyday problem.

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How to integrate

The process of synchronizing these services is extremely simple. If you already have Evernote installed on your mobile, select "Component Settings" section and tick "Evernote Integration". Choose the period of synchronizing your accounts and review the permissions granted Gnom.Guru customer tracking software. Then click “Authorize”. Done!

What you get

Now you are able to attach a note to your calendar & online scheduling recording customers or creating a new event in Gnom.Guru. . For example it is useful for quick viewing of client's preferences, photos of favorite looks etc. You can fix any information that allows you to better understand and remember the client’s needs to give him the necessary result exactly. Well, then word of mouth will be your best tool for sales automation. 

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