Effective day planning: different strategies with Gnom.Guru

Planning for the day with GnomGuru

Effective day planning has to be convenient for you. Choose the right strategy for yourself!

planning day gnomguru crmEffective day planning: different strategies with Gnom.Guru

One of the most important advantages of own business is the ability to organize their own schedule to have enough time both for work and for personal affairs. It is extremely important to maintain a balance between these areas. Small Business CRM Gnom.Guru offers you several effective ways to solve this problem: you just have to choose.

Decide yourself

Participants of planning your day are you and your customers. Therefore your final schedule is actually the result of the interaction between you and them. If you use phone or messenger for booking, you offer the client possible time options and he chooses the most suitable one for him. If you also use online scheduling they choose the best available option themselves. So your task is to make your customers choose among the options convenient for you.

Manual booking

When you choose the right time to meeting open your schedule in Scheduling app in weekly or monthly format. This can be done directly during a conversation or chat in the messenger. The graph will clearly show you the gaps in the calendar & online scheduling. Filling them you can effectively allocate your time during the day. Gnom.Guru advises: if you prefer the same activity during the day use different colors to refer to different types of services. This let you can quickly navigate your contacts-schedule-tasks space.


Make your clients’ online booking as convenient as possible for your schedule. Our marketing software provides several algorithms to offer the time options for your clients:

                    stack only. In this case business software offers the most closely time clots. Customer management system let you choose your preferred period: beginning, middle or end of the working day;

                    grid. This algorithm divides the entire working day into the time slots needed to complete the procedure. You set their duration yourself – for example, it can be 20 minutes, 2 hours or any other. In business management app you can reserve some time at the beginning or at the end of the working day. But if all other time options are busy CRM Software will offer reserved hours for booking;

                    smart. This option of marketing automation make you sure that you spend your time as effective as possoble. The main purpose of this algorithm is to minimize the number of gaps between meetings by placing them one by one.

All algorithms in CRM-system let you set a technical break between visits to clean the workplace and prepare for the next client.

Use Gnom.Guru to organize your time effectively and improve your contact management!

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