Employee motivation with CRM

Employee motivation with CRM

To make the work of employees as effective as possible give them the opportunity to influence the size of their earnings!

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Employee motivation with CRM

Increasing sales in a small business is always the result of teamwork: there is simply no other way. How can you motivate employees for productive work? Of course you can try to introduce elements of competition in your business. But practice shows that the most effective way is a competently built system of payments.

Payroll accounting

If you are the owner of the small salon thinking about the system of remuneration for one or more employees, the choice of a tool for accounting salaries is very important question for you. Some people use paper journals for it, some use their own forms in Excel or looking for other ways. But users of small business CRM Gnom.Guru don’t have such problem. Our marketing software for small business has a built-in option that make this job perfectly. Just enable "Use salary features" slider in the Settings / Company management section. Now let's see how it works.

The choice of system of motivation

The next important question is the choice of the motivation system that will be most suitable for your salon. It will depend on many factors – for example, the amount in the average check, the sources of new customers, the frequency of customer visits and others. In Gnom.Guru business management software we have provided several options for payment for masters:

·         a percentage of event’s profit;

·         fixed fee per event;

·         fixed payment per hour;

·         fixed payment per customer. This option is especially suitable for a group service. Here you can set the minimum and maximum number of participants of meeting for calculating the salary.

Of course the final the decision is for the head. He chooses not only the method of payment in small business CRM, but also its size. For example it can be 5% or 40% of the profit for the event.

Individual motivation

Small salon can simultaneously have some masters with different specialties – for example, a hairdresser and a manicure master. After analyzing their work manager sometimes realizes that different payroll systems would be better suited for them. This possibility is also provided in one unified business management suite Gnom.Guru. You can choose the way of payment in the master’s personal card. So it is easy to choose their own way of calculating salaries for each of them.

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