Motivation of beauty masters

Motivation of beauty masters

How to motivate and tune our favorite employees for commercial exploits!

Motivation of beauty masters

Taking the responsibility

Promoting a beauty salon is one of the hardest types of small business because it requires specific monitoring. Cozy atmosphere is also important here for the client to feel safe and relaxed. This means your employees should not only work perfectly, but also show enthusiasm and be interested in the result. The thing is a person who visits a hairdresser or a manicurist is looking for both professionalism and sincere, humane attitude. Of course, unmotivated specialists cannot provide this.

Consequently, the majority of entrepreneurs is trying hard to influence the way their adjutants perceive the profession. The problem is that the first ones usually don’t know psychology well enough and so spoil everything by trying too much. Others consider motivation irrelevant because a good worker will perform all right without assistanse, and the bad one will quickly sift out. Both variants are quite dangerous, so today our service looks through the main mistakes salon owners make in stimulating the personnel.

1. Excessive control.

A boss understands the stimulation concept wrongly and undertakes controlling their subordinate’s every step and fining for each little gaffe. He\she thinks it teaches discipline but, in fact, such drilling simply provokes hostility or an instinctive protest. Moreover, it suppresses creativity and, in result, reduces a beauty master’s productivity. Sure, keeping an eye on the whole process is necessary but maintain balance – you’re not a jailer, right? Better observe through a virtual system, for example, in the form of a photo report of the service finished in messengers. Moreover, it could be a sort of a contest with a prize for the best hairstyle of the week. This will create useful competition and will lead to sales increase in the future.

2. No feedback.

Contrariwise, the head of the place does not react on anything – she\he meets partners, buys materials, tools, and equipment, promotes the company in social nets and … destroys it all. Without inspection, those doing manicure and styling become careless and do their duties without proper effort. You can write you criticism and advice in a mobile CRM system not to forget them. [ссылка на CRM системаподробно и по делу]

3. Bonuses for the amount of customers.

This is not sales! You can serve more than 10 guests per day but so badly that none of them will ever return. The key moment is HOW – the quality of the procedure is why talented and hard-working ones have an army of faithful purchasers. Be ready to look closer at you team’s progress – use a contact management GnomGuru app for effective teambuilding!

Motivation of beauty masters

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