Information when it is needed: special features of Gnom.Guru

Information when it is needed

Diaries are not needed more! Smart CRM software will provide you with all necessary information for productive communication with customers at the right moment.

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Information when it is needed: special features of Gnom.Guru

Sometimes your client asks a question but the necessary information is not accessible at this moment. To avoid this get acquainted with the special features offered for users by sales automation software Gnom.Guru.

Prepare to talk

Regular customers are always pleased when you remember them. Now you can delight them with your phenomenal memory at every call – even if it is not so. Your secret is a special option of business management app Gnom.Guru. Basic information about the calling client will appear on the screen of your phone right at the moment of the call. For instance it can be the date of the next meeting and scheduled services. You will no longer need to quickly search the necessary data in your diary: answer the call as if you were waiting for it all day. To do this select the "Components" in the settings, enable "Show client info during the call" option and select the required information.

Don't forget about important tasks

When you have a lot of everyday tasks it is easy to forget about one of them – and it may be very important. With business management software Gnom.Guru you shouldn’t worry about it. You don't even need to look at your schedule! Just set up reminders for meetings, purchasing materials, posting to Instagram and other contacts-schedule-tasks points– yes, literally anything! Use the "Tasks&Actions" section in the settings to set the alarms. The main thing is to do what you plan!

Keep in touch with the customer

Of course, it is important to make your clients remember about the meeting too. So set up a notification system for scheduled appointments. You can set the text for the reminder as well as the period for sending messages – for instance the day before the visit. By the way, you’re not limited with reminders only. In customer tracking software Gnom.Guru you can create templates of messages with gratitude for the visit, balance of bonus points, invitation to use a new service and so on. To do this you have to go to "Settings", select "Notifications" and create the message templates.

Be always ready to communicate with your customers with the Gnom.Guru scheduling app!

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