Automation of client communication

Automate communication with customers

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Automation of client communication

Ongoing contact with the client is probably the basis of success of customer management. Regular interaction provides you recognition among other service providers, customer loyalty and recommendations for receiving new orders. But the organization of such interaction is a painstaking work that requires a lot of time. Is there any easier way to solve this problem in contact management?

Information as the basis of automation

Small business CRM Gnom.Guru knows the answer: of course there is! You need only two simple things to do: install business management app Gnom.Guru on your computer or smartphone and enter the necessary information for Marketing Automation. The basic data you need is very simple: the customer's name and contact details.

However, we recommend you not to limit with minimum set of information. Add to your small business CRM extra data that you take into account working with this client. For example, it can be the length of hair or the preferred shade of nail coating. This not only allows you to plan necessary materials but also is useful for organizing contacts-schedule-tasks process. You can increase your sales offering additional services related to your customer's preferences. Information about the client's birthday is also useful. She or he will be pleased to receive congratulations and it is an additional reason for you to offer to try something new with a personal discount.

Business management software completely solves all the problems concerned with online scheduling, sales automation and storing the necessary information. Now all data you need is collected in one unified business management suite. At the same time, you should not be afraid that you will not be able to access it when you’re offline. Gnom.Guru scheduling app provides the ability to view and edit information without Internet connection.

Setting up automated communication

Gnom.Guru is not only a convenient storage of information about your customers and encompassing ERP/Financials. It is also a thoughtful customer tracking software for using this data. For example, at the moment when your phone receives a call from a client, CRM software shows all the basic information about him on the screen. So and you can continue the conversation as if you waiting for his call all day. Such attention to the client is a powerful argument in your favor!

Keeping calendar & online scheduling is now also a simple task which requires just a couple of clicks. During the conversation you can choose free time in your schedule and fix the meeting. Its’ your insurance from awkward situations when you forget to write down information about the planned visit. By the way Gnom.Guru is available for online scheduling. When a client makes a record you automatically receive a notification in your CRM and ecommerce system.

Sending messages to customers seems to be the most time-consuming activity. Ideally you should send a confirmation after making appointment, reminder before each meeting, gratitude after the meeting and congratulations for the holidays! To be honest, Gnom.Guru team believes it’s impossible to do it manually and not to forget about any client. But our marketing software for small business will do it for you! Select the required message types, text for each case – and forget about this problem!

Use Gnom.Guru to keep in touch with each customer!

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