CRM implementation is like buying a car

Selection of CRM and buying a car - it common?

Selection of CRM is the same important task like buying a car


CRM implementation is like buying a car. What’s common?

Many businessmen are worried thinking about the implementation of customer tracking software. It seems that it’s too difficult task which takes a lot of time and effort. In fact it has a lot common features with the issues we regularly solve in our everyday life. For example buying a car doesn’t bother anyone. But the installation of business management software is even easier!

Define your tasks

In both cases the most important thing is to deal with your own needs. If you need a family van to take children to the country side you shouldn’t spend time for considering of double convertibles. It’s the same for CRM software for customer management. Think about what contacts-schedule-tasks points it needs to address.

Do you wish to count your working time and monitor the workload of calendar & online scheduling? Do you need to remind customers about meetings and plan the purchase of materials in time? You have several employees and need to provide the ability of online scheduling, right? Make a list of your needs defining their priority. It will help you much in the next step.

Choose the suitable option

Now it is time to observe what the market offers you. When you plan to buy a car you select the most suitable one within your budget. This rule also works with marketing software for small business. But in segment of sales automation and contact management systems the dependence of price and quality is not always direct.

Sometimes you can find a good business management app surpassing promoted analogues in functionality for very modest money. For example Gnom.Guru small business CRM allows you not only monitor daily work but also provide online scheduling for customers even without your own website. Therefore you should take the time to compare your priorities and the capabilities of CRM and ecommerce systems that you are considering.

Give it a try

Today the majority of manufacturers offer the customers their cars for test drive. It clearly demonstrates the confidence in capabilities of a car. Developers of small business CRM now act like car dealers. For example when you install one unified business management suite Gnom.Guru you may use the scheduling app without any restrictions for 30 days. To inform you about its functions we create special training videos. They clearly demonstrate how the system may help you improve your encompassing ERP/Financials results.

Today installing of marketing automation system is no more difficult than buying a car. Gnom.Guru online support is available any time day to help you!


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