Do you need a CRM system?

Do we need CRM’s?

Business person’s little helper

why the crm system GnomGuru
Perhaps, you use a business organizer. Or a notepad. Some even try stickers. However, is it enough to run small business effectively working with clients? You have to control many aspects at the same time so there’s always risk you forget something. Today CRM system GnomGuru wants to tell you why actually CRM systems are important.

Today we use both computer and mobile CRM systems - the software to control our business. They do many routine and monotonous tasks automatically, which saves your working time. So, what do these systems actually do?

1.Work with client database.

With a CRM system app you'll never confuse your clients with each other! This system helps to manage client record and account effectively, it systematizes and stores all data about your collaboration. Moreover, using this function you can quickly notify clients about appointments or new products. All you have to do is set up automatic SMS and email alerts.


2.Increasing sales effectiveness.

The system includes potential transactions in the database and stores collaboration history for a particular case. This stimulates sales increase because the work process undergoes systematization.


3.Integration of all widgets in one program.

Usually, one program makes calls, another controls accounting, the third sends notifications … Quite a mess, right? CRM systems can do all these things so you needn’t open ten windows to manage everything. Only several clicks – and done!



Often a businessperson sees transaction reports once in a month and draws wrong conclusions, which slows business development process. CRM systems are ready to help – they process the results automatically and present you with an illustrative graph or a diagram. With the help of visualization, you can easily analyze your business’s weak spots and achievements. No boring tables again! 

 why the crm system GnomGuru

Think bright, work light

Using СRM systems, you can successfully control working process and concentrate on important tasks. For instance, GnomGuru app can deal with client database, count material costs and services and analyze the results for you! Easy, right?

Leave contact management and other stuff to GnomGuru CRM system – save your time for important decisions!

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