Customizing of automatic messages to customers

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Set up a personal information system for each of your clients. You already have all needed information your CRM software!

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Customizing of automatic messages to customers

Anyone who buys goods and services regularly receives automatic messages. Today this tool is actively used by banks, shops, fitness centers – yes, by everyone who is not lazy! Therefore people often delete mass mailings that begin with “Dear customer” even without reading.

This is certainly unacceptable for small businesses. Here every client is important, and you should show him that he is loved and appreciated. But still manually composing and sending each message is probably too much. Let's try to find a middle ground!

Personalized message

In Gnom.Guru scheduling app we have found our solution. Yes, we also use templates to compose messages to clients – but each of these templates is configured so that it looks like a personal appeal to a particular person. In our business management app we have ten variable parameters including the customer's name, type of  service, time of its beginning and ending, information about future meeting and even the size of bonuses accrued in the loyalty system – and more.

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Using these functions of small business CRM you may create a set of templates for literally all occasions. You can remind the client about the meeting, to warn about the postponement of the event, to offer a new service or booking the next haircut and styling. In the template, you can also define the time to send a message that will be connected with the client's meeting: for example a few hours before it or a few days after. In short in this business management software you can set up an individual full-fledged information system for each client. This will let him know that the messages are addressed to him exactly.

Source of information

Usually at this stage users ask: ok, but where will I get all this information – about the date of the meeting with the client, his bonus amount etc? Di I need to manually search it in the small business CRM? Not at all! Gnom.Guru customer tracking software is a repository of interconnected information that is given to you right when you need it. When you create a message with price of a service, it will be taken from service’s card. The client's name is taken from the client's card etc. This process is fully automated to be convenient for you. And its result will be informative for your client.

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Pay personal attention to each client together with the Gnom.Guru!

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