Work with regular customers: prepayment and subscriptions

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Do you accept prepayment or sell the subscriptions? Keep an accurate accounting for each client!

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Work with regular customers: prepayment and subscriptions

Regular customers are the gold reserve of any small business. After all, they allow you to stay afloat and predict the financial flow for the near future. So you need to pay special attention to the convenience of working with them.

Long term relationship

The main difference between your new and regular customers is long-term relationships with the latter. This history of interaction suggests a certain credibility on both sides. From a practical point of view this is often expressed in monetary terms. For example a client can make an advance payment for a meeting or purchase a subscription for several sessions.

To make the accounting of all these transactions easier we have provided a special function in small business CRM Gnom.Guru. To activate it you should go to "Settings" and then "Services and sales". Here you need to include a slider called "Prepayment, subscriptions, balance."

Individual balance

Now all payments made by the client can be recorded in special marketing software for small business. This is done directly in the client card. After you have enabled the appropriate slider, the "Balance" field appears here. It displays the amount of money on the balance of a particular customer in the business management app. As he or she will use your services, the money will be gradually spent.

When you create a meeting with a specific client you enter the cost of your services in the "Income" field. After the meeting is completed CRM software automatically deducts this cost from the client's balance. This is especially useful if you are booking several meetings for the clients, i.e. sell subscriptions. You don’t need to check how much he should pay for each session: just ask him to pay a cost of subscription.

Services on credit

The concept of credit of trust works in the opposite direction too. Service on credit is one of the effective means of increasing sales. Of course, this option should be used only with trusted customers. However, for them it can be a valuable confirmation of master’s trust. For you it means that you get a loyal customer who will not go to another salon. But anyway don’t forget to note in scheduling app that the service is provided in debt: the client's balance in customer tracking software will become negative.

Build long-term relationships with your customers using Gnom.Guru!

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