Create courses: multiple sessions

Multiple sessions

Many customers like to plan their schedule in advance. Provide them this opportunity in just a few clicks!


Create courses: multiple sessions

Sometimes you might need to set up multiple meetings at once for better customer management. Usually specialists assign the next procedure at the end of the previous one. However there is a more convenient option that allows the client and the specialist to plan their schedule in advance.

How to appoint few meetings at once

Usually the main problem is how to technical part of entering the necessary data into scheduling app. CRM software Gnom.Guru does not require additional tricks. This possibility is directly provided in our small business CRM. When you create a card of service, mark the maximum number of meetings to set up per time. For example it can be three or five meetings. It depends on the optimal duration of the course or your wishes.

The limit on meetings count will only apply to online scheduling when clients make an appointment on the online booking page. This means that when a meeting is scheduled by a master, small business CRM allows you any number of sessions.

Why do you need to a few appointments?

Sometimes this need is due to the specifics of the procedure. For example, it is important for those that require a course approach such as massages, restorative manipulations or psychotherapy.

In addition, the ability to set up multiple sessions can simply be convenient to the client. If customer knows that he or she needs a new haircut need once in a month and correction of manicure every two weeks, it is wise to schedule these meetings with the required regularity. Recording in advance will guarantee a convenient time: for example, immediately after training in the gym. As for the master he will receive a well-planned calendar & online scheduling and customer loyalty. Its importance for effective contact management and marketing automation can’t be overestimated.

Make long-term planning your competitive advantage using Gnim.Guru business management app!

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