Gnom.Guru and Google Calendar: integration capacities

Gnom.Guru and Google Calendar

Are you used to planning events with Google.Calendar? You can make your work much more convenient by synchronizing your calendar & online scheduling with CRM software.

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Gnom.Guru and Google Calendar: integration capacities

Sometimes users who are used to use some tool don’t want to learn new convenient services. Gnom.Guru scheduling app doesn’t ask you to refuse it: you can use two different systems at once!

What to integrate

In fact Google Calendar is an online dairy that is used to schedule meetings and customer management. Gnom.Guru is a full-fledged business management software. In addition to the schedule it contains a lot of other information. This is your data of customers and services, payments, plans for the purchase of materials etc. It is clear that Google Calendar is able to accommodate all these data, so the complete integration of these two services is impossible.

However, it is possible to synchronize these tools in terms of information about meetings and online scheduling. By doing this you can forget about need to enter customer information into both systems: contacts-schedule-tasks data will be transferred automatically.

How to integrate

To see the events from Google Calendar in Gnom.Guru small business CRM you need to activate synchronization. Select "Settings" in the menu, then choose "Components" and tick "Google Calendar synchronization". Give the system necessary permissions if it requests them. Now you can choose which calendar to sync. This can be your own schedule tied to your account or a shared calendar that you use together with colleagues. Events entered in the one unified business management suite will be saved to the selected calendar.

By the way, entering data into business management app can also be simplified. Create a template for the event using the "Comment" field. This will be the title of its mini-copy displayed in Google Calendar. Here you can also choose a special color for events that sync with Google Calendar.

Mini-copies of events created in Gnom.Guru are displayed in Google Calendar only when they are created or modified. Meetings and events that you created in small business CRM before you enabled sync will not be displayed.

Use Gnom.Guru to make your work with even more convenient!


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