New level: how will your business change with CRM?

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Business management in manual mode and marketing automation with CRM: compare results.


New level: how will your business change with CRM?

When small business owners are looking for opportunities to increase sales they always get advice to implement a CRM software in their companies.  But many of them have their own counterargument: why do I need sales automation if I perfectly solve this task in manual mode? Well, let's see what can customer tracking software do for your business.


How do you record the clients who call you asking for a manicure or haircut? Maybe you scroll through the diary in search of free space while the client is waiting on the phone? This option can hardly be called convenient. The situation looks a little better if you received a message with ask for a record in the messenger. But even here the message unanswered for five to fifteen minutes is unlikely to cause positive emotions.

In the Gnom.Guru scheduling app you can open your schedule in a convenient format – monthly, weekly or daily - to immediately see the free space for meeting. It is available during the conversation. The client confirms the proposed time and you make a record in your calendar & online scheduling. Fast and convenient!

Reminders and messages

Many businessmen have already noticed that a reminder of the meeting the day before it significantly reduces the number of customers who simply forgot about the procedure. But sometimes master also can forget to send reminders to all customers. It seems this situation has happened to almost everyone who sends messages manually. It is very unpleasant to realize that the missing meeting could be prevented in such a simple way.

If you use the small business CRM Gnom.Guru it simply cannot happen. Business management app never forgets to send a message to the client. It can be not only a reminder of the planned meeting, but also gratitude for visit and even birthday greetings! Notifications can be configured not only for customers but also for yourself: for example for online scheduling.

Information storage

The storage of information perhaps is the most sensitive issue for a small salon or manicure room. Yes, up to a certain limit you can really keep in mind all the information about your customers: what time is more convenient for them, what brands they prefer, how often they update the haircut or correct of manicure. But what if there are more customers? Scraps of notes in a notepad? Paper cards that are never at hand at the right time?

Perhaps it makes no sense to compare the effectiveness of these solutions with business management software Gnom.Guru. The card of each client is available whenever you need it. You can watch it on your phone right during the conversation. Your interlocutor will surely appreciate that you remember his habits and preferences. In small business CRM you can record any important information in text or photo format – for example to remember how the desired haircut looks.

There are only some benefits that your business will get with one unified business management suite. Still in doubt? Try Gnom.Guru for free for 30 days and you will see how your business will reach a new level!

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