We’re open: when it's time to think about business management app

We’re open: when it's time to think about business management app

Do you need a small business CRM at the start of your own business or is it an extra cost you can do without? Let's analyze its capabilities!

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We’re open: when it's time to think about business management app

Small business is often made in a garage. And only if it begins to bear its first results entrepreneurs start thinking about more serious investments. On the one hand it is justified: if the business idea is not as popular as it seemed to its owner you can stop with minimal losses. On the other hand the lack of investments can ruin your business at the very start.

The essentials

Hence the logical conclusion: at the initial stage you need to invest in the most necessary things. They are something that may define the fate of your business in the future. There is only question: what are these things?

The answer mostly depends on the specifics of your business. Of course first of all it is the equipment and materials that are necessary for the work. Another important area of investment is the promotion. Its direction is also highly dependent on what you do. For example it is effective to advertise a nail salon on Instagram, but for design bureau the contextual advertising is more suitable. Anything else?

Yes! Already at this stage you should think about installing a small business CRM. Many people think that this is a cumbersome and complex tool that only large companies need to coordinate the work of offices, control their employees and so on. But customer tracking software will be even more useful for a small salon. Do you want to know why?

CRM software’s capabilities

Here are just the most basic features of the Gnom.Guru scheduling app that you will need from the first day of work:

·         convenient day or week plan where you can find free space and make a new client in a couple of clicks;

·         customer database with the ability to enter all contacts-schedule-tasks information about each client including photos, addresses and other data;

·         a page for online scheduling;

·         automatic sending of reminders for customer at the right time;

·         accounting of materials purchased and other costs of doing business;

·         creation and automatic application of loyalty system;

·         accounting for prepayments made by customers.

This is not a complete list of business management software’s capabilities. But from it is already clear what an important role it can play in increasing sales and business development. Give your business a great start with Gnom.Guru!

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer you!

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