Features of small business: correct communication with the client

Communicate correctly! How to build relationships with customers

Features of communication with customers


Particularities of small business: customer management

Many specialists think about building a proper and effective communication with the client to establish a long-term relationship with him. But manuals and instructions in this sphere are most often focused on contact management for sales professionals. Is it possible to create your own communication system which doesn’t interfere with the main work and gives increasing of sales at the same time?

Rule # 1: information

When client tries to have contact with specialist in most cases the main thing he needs is information. If it is first meeting he is interested in master’s experience and used materials. If it is constant cooperation he wants to know is it possible to use Online Scheduling. If he wants to order a new service he asks about quality assurance and available discounts.

Specialist is in a better position because he hears these questions regularly. This is a great opportunity to take situation in your own hands and start managing it. Give the customer full information about interesting things - and some more.  If your client asks you about price of work tell him also about the possible ways and conditions of payment. If he wants to know about the new service let him know what is included and what advantages it has. So your interlocutor doesn’t need to pull necessary information and you can clearly show him the pros of your work. The main idea is to guess his need and offer him a ready solution. You will become a real wizard who can hear what he thinks.

Rule # 2: contact

Specialist who wants to have loyal clients needs to be on the alert because of high competition. This task can be solved by constant contact with the customers. It seems quite difficult to maintain Calendar & Online Scheduling manually. But special Marketing Software for Small Business can make it easy. You can trust it your contacts-schedule-tasks system and be sure in excellent result. Small Business CRM is able to:

·         organize clients entry using customer tracking software;

·         provide all necessary information for quick response to customer questions. Gnom.Guru CRM Software shows basic information about the caller right when you hear the bell. So you always remember your client's name, next meeting’s time and services to provide. During the conversation you can use your Business Management App to clarify information about materials, duration of the session and so on. Your customer feels that you waited for his call and prepared for it;

·         automatically send messages by Business Management Software. Using One unified business management suite for Marketing Automation you may choose all preferred settings such as message text, communication channel, time of sending and others;

·         apply loyalty system. Small business CRM will automatically calculate the discount or offer bonuses for a particular client.

Rule # 3: initiative

New client ready to order some expensive services at once is a pleasant but irregular event. You can make it usual but it will need a little work. Sales Automation system will help you again: use it to direct your dialogue with the client to the way you need.

You need to create a script to do it. Try to remember all the typical objections and prepare convincing answers to them. Think about the moment when it is appropriate to offer a new service and remind about the need for another visit. Finish the conversation by summary phrase. You also can do it even better: send the message with the result of the conversation to your customer. For example you scheduled the visit for manicure next Saturday at 4 pm. Once you feel confident enough you can use such a scheme for productive cold calls with CRM and ecommerce. Gnom.Guru will help you not to get lost during the conversation: just look at your smartphone to remember what you should answer for particular phrase. Furthermore you can use encompassing ERP/Financials tools to analyze your results at the end of period.

Use Gnom.Guru CRM software to build an effective communication system which brings a stable income!

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