Special prices for your favorite customers

Special prices for your favorite customers

Are you thinking about giving discounts to regular customers? Make this process simple and clear!

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Special prices for favorite customers

One of the best ways to maintain the loyalty of small business’ customers is to give them a discount on goods or services. In Gnom.Guru business management software we have provided several options to do this. Choose the one that is more convenient for you!

Discount for a specific customer

The easiest and most convenient option is to provide a discount to a specific customer. It is well suited for those who have not been working for a very long time and has not too extensive customer base. This means a limited number of customers who are given a discount. Technically it is not difficult to do this: go to the customer card in small business CRM and define the discount in appropriate field.

Different price levels

Those who have already accumulated a big customer base and would like to differentiate the size of discounts for them need a more complex tool. In our marketing software for small business we called it "Price Categories". It is located in the "Settings" section: choose select the "Services and sales" block here. By default there are three categories, but you can remove the excess leaving only two or add more categories up to the desired number. You also can give them their own names and colors for scheduling app’s ease of use.

Now go to the card of service in CRM software, set different price levels and select a specific cost for each level. For example the base price of a female haircut is $150. The price of 2nd category  for customers going to your salon for more than a year can be $120. And customers who visit the salon for more than three years receive the price of 3rd category which is $100.

The category of price is registered in the customer card in customer tracking software. So when you make an appointment for this client and service’s cost will automatically be defined according to the category specified in his card.  This works in all cases: when you make a meeting in the schedule yourself and when your customers use online scheduling.

Provide benefits to your favorite customers with Gnom.Guru!

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